Ylioppilasteatteri – Helsinki Student Theatre – is a community of active non-professional theatre makers, located in the heart of Helsinki. The theatre’s mission is to offer its members a free platform for growth and expression of self through the creation of art at a high level of excellence. Ylioppilasteatteri creates self-imposed, independent performing art productions for the curious spectator. Ylioppilasteatteri’s values are community, diversity and advocating the absolute value of art.

Ylioppilasteatteri was founded in 1926, and to date the theatre has 260 members. Ylioppilasteatteri’s performances are staged at its Studio space in the centre of Helsinki and at Mustikkamaa Summer Theatre.

Ylioppilasteatteri’s performances are mainly in Finnish, but due to the theatre’s artistic nature, some productions may consist of only little or no text. To enquire about a performance you are interested in, please contact Ylioppilasteatteri’s Producer: tuottaja@ylioppilasteatteri.fi

The theatre’s paid staff consist of Artistic Directors and a Producer, who lead Ylioppilasteatteri together with the Board, compiled of members of the theatre. The Artistic Director is chosen for a three-year period at a time. In 2017–2020 Ylioppilasteatteri’s Artistic Directors are Anni and Hannes Mikkelsson.


The members of Ylioppilasteatteri are its greatest strength, and the membership meetings the highest level of decision-making. A membership meeting is held every other week. At the meetings, each member has the right to a vote. At the moment, Ylioppilasteatteri has approximately 250 members, half of whom are actively involved in the theatre’s productions and other activities.

If you are interested in casting Ylioppilasteatteri’s actors in your production, please contact info@ylioppilasteatteri.fi.

The Studio

Ylioppilasteatteri Studio
Aleksanterinkatu 23
(Entrance from Kolmen sepän aukio)

The main stage of Ylioppilasteatteri is located in the centre of Helsinki at Vanha ylioppilastalo. The Studio has been in the use of Ylioppilasteatteri since 1978.

The main entrance to the theatre is through the iron gate at Kolmen sepän aukio. The theatre is located on the top floor of the staircase. The theatre has unnumbered seating, and the size of the audience varies with each performance.

Summer Theatre at Mustikkamaa

Ylioppilasteatteri’s summer theatre is located on the South of Kulosaari, in the heart of Mustikkamaa island. Mustikkamaa Stage has seen summer theatre performances by Ylioppilasteatteri since 1984.

The summer theatre’s stage is sheltered from rain, and there are blankets for the use of audience members in case of cool weather. The summer theatre has unnumbered seating.


You can find more info on each performance and event on their own pages.