Mustalla taustalla lukee "QUEER HALLOWEEN" violetti-turkoosilla tekstillä. teksi näyttää valuvalta ja se kaartuu molempiin suuntiin





Elsa Aarnio
Tassu Haapalainen
Silmu Haapasalo
Tobias Holmberg
Sara Jalonen
Hannah King
Pieta Kiviranta
Riku Leskinen
Sebastian Lindström
Aapo Loimalahti
Heta Louhimo
Valtteri Luukkonen
Stella Massa
Liinu Ovaskainen
Oona Pätäri
Laura Tyyskä


Congtarulations! The first meeting of the new members will be held at the Ylioppilasteatteri’s Studio (Aleksanterninkatu 23) on Tuesday, September 5. from 5 p.m.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the exams! There were many of you this year and we want to thank each and every one of you for your dedication, courage and interest in the Ylioppilasteatteri. We really hope to see you at the entrance exams in September 2024.

Applicants who participated in the third stage and were not selected can ask the jury for feedback. If you want to receive written feedback, please send an email to the producer by Friday, September 8.

If you weren’t selected this year and you are interested in doing theater already this fall, the entrance exams for Ilves-Teatteri and Helsingin Kellariteatteri will both be held in the next two weeks, and you still have time to sign-up for both of them.

Ilves-Teatteri’s exams will be held next week, September 6-10. Sign-up for the exams of Ilves closes tomorrow, Monday at 5 p.m. You can find application instructions and pre-assignments here.

The entrance exams for the Helsingin Kellariteatteri, or Klitsu, will be held one week after the Ilves exams, i.e. September 13-17. The registration for Kellariteatteri’s exams on next Tuesday, September 5. at 6 p.m. Application instructions and pre-assignments can be found here.