28th October 2023

It’s weird, it’s party! It’s a night of strange desire!

Welcome to celebrate Halloween at Ylioppilasteatteri! ;) ;p c(; There will be a gorgeous, hot and hazy party atmosphere and program – including performances, music, DJ gigs, a costume contest and surprise birthday party!

The costume theme of the party is ”fan fiction” in accordance with Ylioppilasteatteri’s autumn production:

”Fan fiction is fictional text produced by fans, where a product of popular culture is used as a starting point, such as a television series, film, book, cartoon or public figures. In fan fiction material, the plot, genre and perspective of the original text have usually been modified or expanded. Fan fiction can therefore differ from the original book’s plot or character descriptions.”


– Wikipedia

So make an interpretation of your favorite character and participate in the party’s costume contest! The best costume will be awarded! You are also warmly welcome as yourself <3




Event schedule

19.00 doors
20.00 Elsi Sloan
21.00 xxxxxxxxxx
21.30 Teini-ikä
22.30 costume competition
22.45 xxxxxxxxxx
23.00 beibisittaan xää, exaa ja essoo
00.00 xxxxxxxxxx
01.00 CEX
03.00 Kärsimys Täti




The event uses pay what you can pricing. You can pay either 3, 8, 14 or 20 euros for the entrance ticket depending on your desire and financial ability.
Places are limited. We recommend getting a ticket in advance.

Ylioppilasteatterin Studio
Aleksanterinkatu 23, Helsinki



The main entrance to the theater is an iron gate at Three Smiths Square (Kolmen sepän patsas, Aleksanterinkatu 23, Helsinki). There is an information sign in front of the gate on performance days. The theater is located on the top floor of the staircase. Ylioppilasteatteri does not have a parking lot. We recommend you to arrive by public transport.


Ylioppilasteatteri’s Studio is unfortunately an inaccessible space. There is also no accessible toilet in the space.

However, of our two entrances, the Kaivopiha side has an elevator, and the Studio is accessible, for example for those moving with a walking stick. Unfortunately, the studio cannot be accessed with most of manual or electric wheelchairs due to the too narrow corridor and the high threshold leading to the entrance hall of the studio.

There are two entrances to the Ylioppilasteatteri: an inaccessible main entrance in Three Smiths Square and an entrance on the Kaivopiha side accessible with an assistant at Mannerheimintie 3B (a staircase to the right of UniCafe in the recess).

Inaccessible main entrance in Three Smith’s square: The guidepost is the Ylioppilasteatteri sign next to the iron gate. There are three floors of stairs to the theatre. For each ascent, there is a handrail on varying sides. On the way up there are two communicating doors with thresholds.

Entrance in Kaivopiha: A performance poster on a stand is brought to the entrance outside the door before the performance. A staircase leads to the front door, as well as a ramp about 20 m away. In the stairwell there is an elevator (4th floor) that leads to the theater. The threshold for the interior door of the theater is high.

When making a ticket reservation, please let us know if you are moving to the venue from the Kaivopiha entrance, as the entrance on the Kaivopiha side, which can be reached with an assistant, is not in public use and the interior door may be locked. Contributors are admitted to the event for free. Assistance and guide dogs are also welcome at the Ylioppilasteatteri.


The Ylioppilasteatteri does not have its own parking spaces. The nearest accessible parking space is the Q-park Stockmann parking facility. There are 12 accessible parking spaces, 1 on each floor by each elevator (4pcs). Stockmann’s main doors are about 50 metres away from the entrance to the Kaivopiha side of the Ylioppilasteatteri


If you have any questions about the accessibility, please contact us: tuottaja@ylioppilasteatteri.fi.


At the event, we commit to follow the principles of a safer space:

What is bullying?
Bullying includes, for example, nasty and mocking speeches, shouting, threats, pressure, gossip, vilification, isolation, i.e. exclusion from the group, constantly criticizing work and making it difficult for others to work. Not all behavior that causes chagrin is bullying. Bullying does not include, for example, different opinions or views on things.

What is harassment? 
Sexual harassment includes sexually suggestive gestures and language, sexually explicit speech and jokes, remarks or questions about the body, dress or private life, sexually explicit speech, touching, suggestions or demands for sexual activity. Gender-based harassment is derogatory speech about women, men or people of another gender, demeaning another based on gender, bullying when it is based on the sex of the bullied. Everyone has the right to bodily integrity. This means that violence or threats are completely prohibited at the Ylioppilasteatteri.

What is discrimination?
Everyone must be treated equally. Discrimination includes, for example, unequal treatment on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, family relationships, class background, ability, language, religion or opinions.

How should I act accordingly with the principles stated above? 

Recognize your privileges 
Hierarchies and oppressive norms are part of our society. No human being, however conscious or benevolent, is beyond their reach. However, cultural change is not only possible – it happens every day. Questioning norms takes us towards a more equal society.

Recognize your prejudices 
Be aware that your assumptions about people’s appearance, gender expression, skin color, linguistic or physical characteristics, or class background may influence your behavior towards them. Instead of making assumptions about people’s bodies, personalities, identities, backgrounds, or ”where they come from,” let everyone be themselves. Everyone has the right to define their own identity, including gender and sexual identity. Use only terms that people accept themselves: asking questions is the only way to find out.

No means no 
Respect everyone’s boundaries – both physical and psychological. Once again, asking is the only way to know what the other person’s boundaries are. Always get verbal or otherwise absolutely certain consent before touching someone.

Take responsibility 
Remember that bad behavior can never be explained by intoxication. Remember that things that are enjoyable and comfortable for you can cause some others discomfort or anxiety. If someone feels that they have been hurt, they have the right to feel and express it without, that their experience is questioned or their way of reacting is criticized. The ability to draw one’s own boundaries and the ability to accept the demarcations of others is a security issue. In these situations, there is no reason to be defensive, because drawing boundaries is not a criticism or attack on your personality.

Let’s respect everyone’s opportunity for change and discuss constructively. Judging a person’s characteristics or backgrounds is not a good way to deal with oppressive behavior. Instead, make it clear which actions are undesirable. Let’s see diversity as positive and not tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind at all! Let’s make the Ylioppilasteatteri a place where these things can be talked about! Let’s make sure that it is easy to ask for help and rely on others at the Ylioppilasteatteri!