Mustalla taustalla lukee "QUEER HALLOWEEN" violetti-turkoosilla tekstillä. teksi näyttää valuvalta ja se kaartuu molempiin suuntiin

Teatteri Tuomikko: Suru puserossa
27.5. klo 14

When the goblin loses their bunny friend, the sadness is so great that even the sweater turns black. Coping with grief begins, during which emotional states are tossed around, food doesn’t taste good and laughing makes the goblin feel guilty. As the seasons change, the sadness begins to subside little by little and black pieces come off the sweater, until all that remains is the last, wistful memory that will never go away.

Teatteri Tuomikko’s wordless puppet show is a beautiful, truly composed story that gives hope for coping with grief. The performance ”Suru Puserossa” (Sadness in a sweater) makes the diversity of grief understandable to a child and deals with a difficult topic safely and gently as if holding it in one’s arms.

The puppet show is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Script, puppet making, staging and performance: Terhi Tuomikko
Music: Marko Häkkinen
Photos: Rami Rusinen
Directional assistance: Seppo-Ilmari Siitonen