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Teatteri Qo:
Tea for two
28.5. klo 15, 16.30 & 18

Two women, two ways, one caravan and a single kettle to share. Tea for two is a short fable about neighbours who love a cup of tea as much as they dislike one another. But their destinies are tied to each other by natural disasters. With the climate crisis as a backdrop, the story of a plain antipathy takes the audience into an extraordinary chain of events. This object theatre performance swings playfully with irony and visual poetry.

“Most people love humanity, It’s the person next door they cannot stand.”
– Anthony de Mello

“Tea for two looks into neighbour conflicts and their intrinsec logic: the propensity of annoying details – however big or small – to escalate out of proportion. Stories of neighbour disputes are so recognizable, touching their absurdity. The presence of the neighbour who lives just on the other side of the fence becomes an obsession, clouding the judgement, oblivating the rest.

Tea for two was written during the summer 2022, as wildfires devastated a large part of European forests, followed by dramatic floods. These ever more frequent natural disasters come as a counterweight to the interpersonal conflict. With humour and irony, the performance outlines Humanity’s tendency for tunnel vision on the midst of the ongoing climate crisis.”

– Perrine Ferrafiat

Idea, scriptwriting and stage design: Perrine Ferrafiat and working group
Directing: Sinikka Lumiluoto
Sound design and compositions: Valtteri Bruun
On stage: Perrine Ferrafiat and Mila Nirhamo
Movement coach: Kauri Honkakoski

Duration: 20min

Tea for two is performed in a caravan in Three Smith’s Square. Each performance can accommodate only 10 viewers at a time, so please buy your tickets early in advance.

Unfortunately, the caravan is not physically accessible to all viewers

Show times on Sunday 28.5.

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