Mustalla taustalla lukee "QUEER HALLOWEEN" violetti-turkoosilla tekstillä. teksi näyttää valuvalta ja se kaartuu molempiin suuntiin

Kallo Collective & Tehdas Teatteri:
The Gynecologist
26.5. klo 20


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What if you could peek inside yourself? The Gynecologist is a mime exploration to the inner world of the body. A gynecologist, Dr. Freon, dives into their patient’s uterus in search of a solution to agonizing ailments of the patient.

The debut performance of the top performers of physical comedy operates in two spaces and scales, researching the eco-catastrophe with a hysteroscope (contraceptor). Climate change is like endometriosis: a chronic inflammation in the uterus where life begins. A disease that collapses the planet’s immune system and leads to extinction of the species.

In the performance, audiovisual design is combined with precise mimic acting. As well as the expression of the traditional physical theater is mixed with modern storytelling and science to art. 

The Gynecologist approaches serious issues with comedy, playing on the boundaries of the intimate scene: the ecosystem of the fallopian tube deserts, a sandstorm rages in the ovary, oil leakage causes menstrual disorders, bacteria important to the body suffocate in microplastics…

Emma Castrén’s solo work is a masterpiece of physical expression planned as a tour performance. The performance premiered on Tehdas Teatteri’s Vintti stage on February 18, 2022.


The show is wordless and is also suitable for non-Finnish speaking viewers. Sign language viewers do not need an interpreter for this show.


Working group and partners:
Writer, convener & performer: Emma Castrén
Director: Jenni Kallo
Lighting designer: Vilma Vantola
Sound designer: Iida Hägglund
Set designer: Gemma Tweedie
Costume designer: Mirva Mietala
Stage assistant: Oscar Dempsey
Medical expert: Laura Elo
Production: Tehdas Teatteri & Kallo Collective
The show is supported by: Niilo Helanderin Foundation, Alfred Kordelinin Foundation, Samuel Huberin Art Foundation, City of Helsinki
In cooperation with: Korento ry (patient organization of people living with endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS and vulvodynia)